More GCUC Takeaways

By Liz Elam On May 19, 2017 In CoworkingConferenceCommunityCoworking TrendsGCUC 2017

In the weeks after GCUC, one of our favorite things to do is read the surveys, comments, articles and take aways from the event. Since we have such a diverse audience and attendee base- the feedback is sometimes all over the board but it seems that this year most of our attendees are on a unified front.

Much like many of you, we are also fans of the religion of crossfit analogy. Our speakers did a wonderful job of really illustrating the movement of the future of work, highlighting both its history and the direction that it seems to be headed in. Coworking and shared workspaces alike are changing the way we work- this is the future and we are the revloution.

Thank you to WorkDesign Magazine for sharing your takeaways from GCUC this year!