Top 10 Reasons you should be at GCUC in NYC

By Liz Elam On April 6, 2018 In UncategorizedCoworkingConferenceGCUC USAGCUC USA 2018

GCUC USA 2018 is right around a New York corner. Here is our Top 10 list of why YOU should be at GCUC USA this year!

10. Tony Bacigalupo has promised Karaoke
9. A session titled: Yes, that kind of naked
7. Cake, because we’re turning 20
6. We’re giving Angel the mic for 10 whole minutes
5. All the things in 3 days and Coworking space tours
4. The best conference food ever
3. It’s your only shot to see Stormy smile (day 3)
2. We made new stickers that are as cool af
1. Duh, a chance to win a trip to Hawaii

Now for the serious list:

10. It’s the only national gathering of the Coworking industry
9. A session titled: Yes that kind of naked
8. We have lots of cool giveaways
7. CAMP GCUC – a one day drink from a fire hose
6. An unconference (a place where you the attendee sets the agenda)
5. A chance to see all the cool technologies and products being designed for our industry
4. Endless snacks and drinks thanks to the Convene Nourish Bars
3. A chance to tour Coworking spaces around NYC
2. Innovative panels and amazing speakers focused on the future
1. You could win a trip to Hawaii

Don’t forget tickets go up on 4/16 so pull that trigger!!