7 Things You Should Bring to GCUC

By Liz Elam On April 16, 2018 In CoworkingFuture of WorkGCUC USA 2018

GCUC USA is right around the corner. Do like you do, but don’t forget these essential items!

7. A Charging cord. You’re going to be taking notes and posting on social so you’ll need stay charged!
6. Your phone—so you always have the GCUC agenda at your fingertips and you can capture all the juicy photo worthy moments.
5. A stack of business cards for your new contacts.
4. Stickers. Everybody loves a sticker.
3. Comfortable shoes. No one wants you to be sad (or hear you complain- don’t be that guy).
2. Your appetite. The food at Convene is amazing.
1. A good attitude. Leave your fear and ego at home—they’re not welcome at GCUC.

GCUC is action packed and ready to rock. We’re so excited to welcome you to NYC.