Top 10 Signs that Coworking is Entering the Mainstream

By Liz Elam On June 21, 2016 In CoworkingConferenceCommunityCoworking TrendsGCUC USA 2016

Top 10 Signs Coworking is Entering the Mainstream

The annual U.S. Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) was held last week in Los Angeles.

Based on what we saw, heard and learned, coworking is entering the mainstream. Our top 10 reasons why are:

1. The continued exponential growth of global coworking spaces and members: Carsten’s Foertsch’s excellent presentation on the coworking industry made it very clear our forecast at the 2014 GCUC that there would be 1 million coworking members by 2018 is woefully low. We’ll be updating this forecast in the near future, but assume it’s going way up.

2. Big Coworking is getting bigger – and more numerous: We first wrote about big coworking spaces in 2011, which at the time we defined as bigger than 20,000 square feet. Since then they’ve become much more numerous and much bigger, with spaces over 100,000 square feet increasingly common. WeWork is the obvious example, but there are now many, many more.

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