Top 10 Things to do in Seattle for GCUC this May!

By Stormy McBride On April 15, 2022 In Coworking EventsGCUC North America

We sincerely hope you’ll stay an extra day before or after GCUC to explore this gem of the Northwest. We rounded up some of our favorite things to do in Seattle and hope you can add some to your list.


10. Get on a boat and take in the view! Seattle has an amazing ferry network and they’re affordable.

9. Eat all the things! Check out these local eateries.

8. Take a photo at Pike’s Place Market – the touristy yet great farmer’s market

7. Visit a museum! I love to check out museums when I visit a city and Seattle has tons to choose from!

6. Explore Bainbridge Island (see #10)

5. Take a walk in a sculpture garden on the waterfront 

4. Follow #Seattle on TikTok and Instagram for lots of ideas

3. Tour the underground (heard about this from a local)

2. Go for a hike and breathe in that fresh air!

1. Catch the view from above in the recently renovated space needle!


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See you in Seattle,

The GCUC Crew