Bigger Isn’t Better at GCUC

By Stormy McBride On April 20, 2022 In ConferenceRetrospectiveFuture of WorkGCUC North America

GCUC Seattle is going to be smaller, and that is a good thing.

Why, you ask?

For years we’ve been trying to sell as many tickets as we can. After 10 years, we figured out that is the wrong strategy.

It doesn’t matter how many tickets we sell, what matters is that the right people are in the room.

We have all the right players in the room for GCUC Seattle.

We’ve secured Convene, Common Desk (a WeWork brand) Bond Collective, 25N, Blankspaces, Venture X, Yardi, The Instant Group, Expansive, Worksuites, Liquidspace, Barnfox and many others.

These are the brands making moves, expanding in the face of adversity and committed to collaboration over competition because they understand there is enough demand for everyone.

I mean did you see Wecrashed?

Remember what the Jamie Hodari character said to Adam?

We don’t need to compete. We collaborate.

GCUC in 2021 was smaller than usual and the feedback from our community was that they liked that better.

So we chose a smaller venue for GCUC 2022.

What matters is the connections and the conversations that just don’t happen over zoom. They happen over a shared meal or coffee.

We are making bold decisions because we know what our community needs. They need to be together to feel that undeniable energy that comes from connecting with other humans. They need to be inspired, sometimes pushed out of their comfort zone and congratulated for still being in the room. They need to break bread, laugh and share a drink. They need a hug.

If you get it, you get it and will feel it resonate more when you physically attend GCUC in Seattle.

See you there,
Liz, Stormy and the GCUC Crew


*Post written by Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC.