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By Stormy McBride On March 30, 2020 In AmenityCoworkingSustainabilityCommunityGCUC MembershipGCUC Gives

A Note From GCUC

We are currently living through a period of turmoil and uncertainty that we are sure to remember for the rest of our lives. On behalf of ourselves and everyone at GCUC – our thoughts and prayers are with you. There are so many things up in the air for our industry right now, we feel it too and we want to help.  


Real talk

We’ve been there. Sometimes the business was great and frankly sometimes it wasn’t (nature of the business). It was during the hard times that we learned to lean into our community, pivot and come up with creative solutions to keep our heads above water. We’re all doing that together right now. No one is immune. 


We want to help 

We know you are doing everything you can to make sure your members and business are taken care of and we see that. Like many of you, we are trying to do what we can to help our communities navigate this challenging time. We want to do our part in helping & believe one of the best gifts we can give the coworking world right now is the gift of connection and community. 


We are giving any space operator that does not currently have access to the GCUC community membership three months of access for free.  Our goal is to facilitate a place where coworking communities across the globe are able to connect daily rather than just at a handful of events throughout the year. 


What you will find in the community


  • GCUC Slack channels for our community 
  • COVID19 specific data 
  • Support from your peers 
  • The video archives of GCUC 
  • Enterprise level benefits (Healthcare and HR services) you can offer your community via our partners Trinet and COHIP 
  • An insane resource library full of tried and tested methods & advice
  • Curated deals and discounts that you can use or pass on to your members
  • Life long friends 

To Claim your free 3 month trial, click here and select the level that best suits where you fall in the community. See you inside. 

*3 months free membership to all NEW members. 

Offer not available to current or former members. 

After 3 months free service, a membership fee will autocharge.  If you do not wish to continue your membership, you must cancel 7 days before your 3 month subscription expires.  GCUC will not issue refunds for failure to cancel.


And another thing 

We were recently asked to put together an event to tackle the “real stuff” you’re all dealing with right now. What better way to handle that then to go back to the basics and host an unconference?! This one will be different since we’re doing it online. We’ve put together some aggressive timelines so that we can deliver the event on 4/9/2020.

Click here to get started submitting your topics

Voting will follow on 4/3.

Please feel free to share your questions, feedback, and suggestions with us by replying to this email.  We will read every single one of your responses.  We truly wish you the best and look forward to seeing you in the community. 

Stay well, 

Liz and Stormy