45 Women in Coworking

By Stormy McBride On March 8, 2022 In CoworkingCoworking TrendsFuture of WorkThings we Love


It’s International Women’s Day!

Now more than ever, it is time that we empower women, bring their businesses and positions to the forefront and get them the funds and investments they deserve. On average, women are paid 20% less than men. This has got to end.  We will keep this short and sweet but we wanted to give a shout out to some of the awesome ladies in the industry that inspire and motivate us. We couldn’t possibly post them all but wanted to acknowledge this important day.

In no particular order:

  • Amy King, Goodwork
  • Charlotte Kirby, The Village Hive
  • Cat Johnson, CatJohnson.co
  • Dr. Tamirra Lucas, The Cube
  • Sofia Stolberg, Piloto 151
  • Faye Stutts, Vari
  • Kris Elliot, Expansive
  • Megan Schoenrok Slavin, 25N
  • Marissa Limsiaco, OTSO
  • Lauren Brewer, Union Worx
  • Monica Aldean, Instant Office
  • Natasha Guerra, Runway East
  • Debra Larsen, Workhouse
  • Jenny Poon, Cohoots
  • Lucy Pugh, Working from
  • Michelle Steigler, Premier
  • Jaelle Ang, The Great Room
  • Elide Rathborne, Bond Collective
  • Naomi Tosic, The Office Space
  • Rebecca Brian Pan, Trellis
  • Katrina Larkin, Fora
  • Chelsea Perino, The Executive Center
  • Angie O’Grady, Stella Pop
  • Grace Sai, Foundry
  • Nasim Köerting, TOG
  • Nicole Vasquez, Deskpass
  • Annie Rinker, Hines
  • Christine Andrews, ACME Works & Deco Group
  • Barbara Sprenger, Satellite Deskworks
  • Patrice Cameau, Camp Space
  • Niki Fuchs, Office Space In Town
  • Daryn DeZengotita, Table Coworking
  • Jamie Russo, Everything Coworking
  • Iris Kavanaugh, Women Who Cowork
  • Joan Nguyen, Bumo Works
  • Krista McClure, Detroit Parent Collective
  • Shazia Mustafa, Families CIC and Neighbourhood Workspace LTD
  • Ceci Amador, Industrious
  • Laura Kassan, The Wing
  • Carolyn Childers Chief
  • Lindsay Kaplan, Chief
  • Felena Hanson, Hera Hub
  • Laura Shook, Women Who Cowork
  • Tori Shepard, WELL Building Institute APAC
  • Anne DiMarco, Venture X

Coworking may still be considered a “new” industry but we can testify that it has a disproportionate amount of women leading the charge. We may not be getting the big press or funding but we are making moves, taking names and doing our part to change the world.

We encourage you to follow, support and amplify women in the industry. Together we will continue to fight for equality and funding to make a difference and leave the world a better place.

Liz Elam & Stormy McBride
Your 100% woman owned & operated GCUC Crew