8 Things you should be doing right now…

By Stormy McBride On May 21, 2020 In COVID-19

We’ve been on lots of calls and these are some of the things we have heard from operators around the globe that we feel like everyone should take note of. 

Eight things you should be doing right now:

  1. Contact your members and help them spend their PPP funds earmarked for utilities/rent.  
  2. Signing up for the GCUC Unconference – what a great way to see your friends and work on some solutions, together! We are not only navigating how the pandemic is hitting our industry but shaping its future. 
  3. Change the name of your meeting rooms to “video conference rooms” or “zoom rooms” to attract those corporate users. Make yourself easy to find when they are scouring google for places to go when their house gets too small. 
  4. Make sure you signed up with one of the aggregators (like Deskpass, Liquidspace, Instant, Upflex or Upsuite) – they’re all talking to the corporate clients you want in your space.
  5. Think about bumping up your internet – when everyone comes back will you need more bandwidth with the increase of video calls happening. 
  6.  Talk to your landlord – maybe other tenants in the building you are in need overflow space as they implement physical distancing for their own businesses.  
  7. Publish your cleaning practices publicly and post on your website (for examples see GCUC Membership). 
  8. Attend the free Coworking Convos held by Cat. She facilitates fantastic conversations with so many operators.  Tons of good ideas get shared, it’s solid all the way around.