GCUC Mastermind: The Future

By Stormy McBride On October 14, 2020 In ConferenceFuture of WorkCOVID-19Real EstateGCUC Mastermind

GCUC Mastermind is a virtual learning series focused on the accelerating nature of work and the humans driving it. You need new skills and new information to thrive post COVID-19 and we are here to help. Over the course of four weeks we will focus the following topics, diving deep on one each week. Marketing, Best in class ecosystems, the future and Finance.

This week is all about Future. We will be delving into how technology, connection and communication will affect community in the next five years before moving on to discuss our thoughts on the economy now and what we believe it will look like in the next one, three & five years and how that will trickle into the real estate market as we emerge from the COVID-19 haze.

In our first session Richard, Becky, Oscar, and Deb will explore how coworking spaces have a unique opportunity with the WFH wave to be part of building collective intelligence through community. Richard and Becky will provide academic research on collective intelligence, complexity of thinking and energizing the community through high quality connections. Oscar and Deb, will share practical examples of how coworking spaces enabled learning, creating collective intelligence and high-quality connections that kept people coming back and created a sense of community.

Since its inception in the mid 90’s coworking’s proposition has been community. This would set them apart from conventional serviced offices. Traditional real estate offering has narrowed the gap and the difference between interiors, its services, and activities are almost indistinguishable.

Wild numbers are circulating about community engagement but what exactly is ‘community engagement’ and how important is the relationship between community and retention? Has coworking been able to deliver on their community promise and what do they need to do to stay ahead?

In the second session moderated by GCUC Founder, Liz Elam we will ponder the Future of Real Estate. What is going to happen to the Real Estate market when COVID finally comes to rest? How will investors and developers pivot to meet the new demands of occupiers? What are the tools and tactics needed to activate this new workplace? What is the next evolution of “flexible?”. We are excited to have industry leaders from Hana, JLL & essensys to share their insight with us. We’ll tackle all these questions and more as we anticipate the exciting future of our world

No one has been left unscathed from COVID-19, including us. We want to do our part and help where we can. With the assistance of our sponsors, this event is being offered at no cost to you.

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