The burn out is real.

By Stormy McBride On July 6, 2020 In OtherCoworkingCommunityCOVID-19COVID

Photo of burned out person

We are burnt out.

We miss our families. We miss our coworking space. We miss hugs, vacations & friends. We miss going out to eat & not having to think about a virus, all the time. Truthfully we miss seeing good news. We miss the laughter. We miss the water cooler chats. We miss our community.

Many of us are working harder and longer hours than we ever have before- not only to keep our businesses afloat but because we have no separation between work and home.

Burn out is setting in and instead of taking care of ourselves, many are in crisis mode trying to take care of others. It is simply not sustainable or healthy.

This is your reminder that you can not pour from an empty cup.

You have to prioritize taking care of yourself. We fully believe that down time is productive as it allows you time to recharge and come back with a renewed and often with a different perspective.

In an effort to practice what we preach, the GCUC team is taking the month of July off from events. We will still be around, working on strategy and goal planning internally but we will not be hosting any programming for the industry. We will still be active on social and on our website but we’re not asking you to get on any video calls or meetings. Our team is taking a hiatus from the video feature so all calls will be old fashioned for the next month.

Full transparency, we are doing this for two reasons:

  1. We need a break or we will break. The pandemic hit our business hard and we have been hustling like many of you for the last three months.
  2. We want you to do the same. We can’t host events and ask you to join us while also expecting you to enjoy your downtime.

So with that being said, we HIGHLY encourage you to take advantage of the historically slow month in the industry and schedule in some down time, away from your business. Consider this an investment in your mental and physical health. Do the things that bring you joy and center you so that when you return back to your space, you are reinvigorated, inspired and ready to serve your community again.

We will be back in action ready to connect with you all in August and are already looking forward to hearing about your much needed break. You deserve it.

Love & light,
Liz and Stormy