Community of Cultivators: Edition 34

By Stormy McBride On July 8, 2020 In Community Cultivators Blog Series

Community of Cultivators

Here at GCUC we are immensely fortunate to cross paths and work with so many amazing people. Through our work, we’ve cultivated a global community of people we think you should know about.

Community of Cultivators is a blog series we created to introduce you to coworking game changers and connectors. Each month, we’ll release new interviews that we hope inform and inspire you.

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Chelsea Perino. Chelsea is the head of Global Marketing for The Executive Centre, a premium flexible workspace provider with a presence in over 32 cities across APAC, where she has built both the marketing department and full brand strategy from scratch. You may have seen her on our AU and Hong Kong webinar recently. Anyhow, give her answers below a read.

Photo of Chelsea PerinoWhat in your life are you most proud of cultivating or creating? Why?

I’m most proud of building the marketing department for my current company, The Executive Centre, from scratch. Three years ago this was a company with over 20 years of experience and impressive growth, yet it was without a cohesive brand identity and very little visibility outside of its own industry. I’m proud to say that the marketing team has grown to almost 20 people in multiple countries and we have since built a super strong brand, recognised as an industry leader, one that is very different from its competitors because of its expertise, design, leadership, and service focus. I like to think that all of the work my team has done, from branding, to content creation, to data analytics, to public relations, has played a big role in that change and has helped the company double in size since I joined in 2017.

Where do you personally feel the most sense of community?

Community to me means being in a place where people are respected for having an opinion, and where you can discuss those opinions even if you disagree. My group of friends is super diverse, from multiple ethnicities, cultures, religions, industries, etc. and I love how we share our experiences openly and without judgement, learn and grow with and from each other.

What podcast would you recommend to others and why?

My favourite Podcast has to be Throwing Shade. It’s a comedy podcast based on discussions of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, progressive politics and pop culture. I love it because it talks about real issues in a way that is accessible, and they aren’t afriad to be offensive and call out the bullshit happening in the world. Especially right now, I think it’s more important that ever to pay attention to issues of equality and human rights, but at the same time it can be super depressing and exhausting to hear about all the negativity that is present in the world; I appreciate that these guys can build awareness for real issues but in a funny way.

What is the best habit you ever started? What habit do you want to start but haven’t yet?

Best habit: simple one, but I only drink coffee that I actually like. I buy one amazing coffee a day from my favourite cafe and the for the rest of the day I drink water or tea lol I used to drink a ton of coffee, but I realised it was just a habit because i needed to move around and change my environment to be inspired, and the coffee machine was just there. Now i look forward to that one cup, I’m much healthier because I’ve cut back on so much caffeine, and I’m much more hydrated. Habit I want to start” Practicing Chinese on DuoLingo every day. I take weekly Mandarin lessons but never manage to practice every day on Duo Lingo – i’m getting better but not there yet. Work In Progress 🙂

If you had to put a quote on your gravestone what would it be?

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
— Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)