GCUC Mastermind: Marketing Takeaways

By Stormy McBride On October 13, 2020 In CoworkingConferenceGCUC Mastermind

Photo of people discussing marketing ideas

We kicked off the GCUC Mastermind series last week with the Marketing session that was well attended and full of golden nuggets of knowledge.

If you missed it, the replay is available on GCUC membership. We have three more sessions to go in the series so if you do not already have your ticket, you can snag one here. This week we’re looking at three best in class ecosystems – Workbar, MedtoMarket and Goodwork.

Here are some juicy highlights from GCUC Mastermind – Marketing:

With post-COVID we aren’t acting like it is over. It is a new era for attracting new members, filling up your lead funnel, and getting in front of new audiences. -Cat Johnson, Founder at Catjohnson.co

Companies that were not buying into the remote work model were forced into it and no say ‘this thing works’. It is no surprise to us in coworking that 77% of people have greater productivity, people are happier, they’re getting more exercise, and they have a better attitude. -Cat Johnson, Founder at Catjohnson.co

People are struggling right now but the predicted wave is coming. New markets will enter that are looking for a workspace. -Cat Johnson, Founder at Catjohnson.co

Determine your goal. Know who you are trying to reach. Feel their pain. Use calls to action. -Cat Johnson, Founder at Catjohnson.co

Paid search is one aspect of your inbound strategy. It is not the entire strategy. -Karina Patel, Marketing Director at CloudVO

You should have a way for the customer to get to know you and the best way is email. -Karina Patel, Marketing Director at CloudVO

The customer journey: Awareness drives traffic. Consideration is engaging your website. Decision is where they become a lead. Retention is where a lead converts. -Karina Patel, Marketing Director at CloudVO

Do your research. Clean up your copy. Update local listings. Draw up your campaigns. Retarget your audiences. -Karina Patel, Marketing Director at CloudVO

Focus on contribution vs conversion. You want to be socially responsible. That’s what consumers care about and that needs to be reflected in your ads. -Karina Patel, Marketing Director at CloudVO

90% of people discover new products on YouTube. Advertisers see an 8% high conversion volume, 3% higher conversion rate, and a 4% lower search CPA. -Karina Patel, Marketing Director at CloudVO

Ask a question. Capture context. Based on that context, act on it. -Dave Will, Co-Founder & CEO at Propfuel

Engaging people based on context creates a much more relevant experience. It’s natural. If you want to get to know someone, you ask a question, capture context and then you respond. -Dave Will, Co-Founder & CEO at Propfuel

Don’t train people to delete your emails. Train people so when they get your email they know they will be provided with relevant information. -Dave Will, Co-Founder & CEO at Propfuel

Personalization isn’t just a name at the opening of an email. Personalization is finding out something that is important to you, it’s going to go beyond a persona, beyond a segmentation and then I am going to ask a question that gives me more context that allows me to present you with something that is highly relevant to you. -Dave Will, Co-Founder & CEO at Propfuel

Engagement should be frictionless. So easy that they can click it right in the email. Once you get someone to click on something you can then ask them an open ended question. That’s the voice of the customer. -Dave Will, Co-Founder & CEO at Propfuel

Surveys are not for engagement. Surveys are meant to dissect your membership, dissect your constituents. So if you are interested in studying your constituents then use a survey. But if you are interested in engaging people you cannot stop after you have gotten the answer, you have to act on the answer. -Dave Will, Co-Founder & CEO at Propfuel

As always, we want to give a big shout out to our partners who helped make GCUC Mastermind happen. GCUC Mastermind was brought to you in partnership with essensys. A BIG thank you to our sponsors at essensys, CoworkingConvos, allwork, Notadesk, and deskmag – GCUC would not be as juicy without you.

*Some quotes have been edited for length and clarity.