International Womens Day 2024

By Stormy McBride On March 8, 2024 In Community

Women of GCUC

Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies!

Women have been instrumental in building and shaping the coworking and flexspace industry since its inception. Between nurturing communities and driving business growth, they are the heartbeat of the coworking movement.

This list highlights a very small portion of the women of influence in coworking, who have paved the way for others and continue to make a notable impact on our growing industry.

  • Dr. Tammira Lucas, The Cube Cowork
  • Cat Johnson, CJco
  • Laura Kozelouzek, Quest
  • Anna Squires Levine, Industrious
  • Kate Dezarnaulds, Worklife
  • Nyambura Gichohi, Ikigai
  • Faye Stutts, Vari
  • Katrina Larkin, Fora
  • Debra Larsen, Workhaus
  • Jenny Poon, Cohoots
  • Kate Schwarzler, Indy Commons
  • Meagan Slavin, 25N
  • Paz Pisarski, The Community Collective
  • Sneh Kadakia, FromHere
  • Sofia Stolberg, Piloto 151
  • Paula Mercer, Vast
  • Alora Daunt, Pearl Works
  • Monica Alden, Instant
  • Christina Disler, Werklab
  • Charlotte Kirby, The Village Hive
  • Mara Hauser, Workplace Studio
  • Alyssa Pressler, Cohatch
  • Jamie Russo, Everything Coworking
  • Christine Andrews, ACMC
  • Amy Bridget Pooser, Convene
  • Barbara Sprenger, SDW
  • Jen Luby, Dayhouse Coworking
  • Gabriela Hersham, Huckletree
  • Niki Fuchs, Office Space In Town
  • Sarah Travers, Workbar
  • Sina Morin, Hunt Street Station
  • Mari Rosas, Cocohaus
  • Natasha Guerra, Runway East
  • Jaelle Ang, The Great Room / Industrious
  • Christy Alexander, Worksmart
  • Felena Hanson, Hera Hub
  • Chelsea Perino, TEC
  • Michelle Steigler, Premier
  • Nancy Fornasiero, Ace Coworking
  • Alexandra Livesey, Clockwise offices
  • Belle Morales, Sliding Door Co
  • Ann Long, Burbity Workspace
  • Danielle Noel, Apt Cowork
  • Angie O’grady, Stellapop
  • Christmas Correa, Flexspace.ai

This list is in no particular order and we know we missed many impactful women. Feel free to tag your female founders below and shout them out too. We encourage you to follow, support and amplify women in the industry.

Coworking may still be considered a fairly up and comming industry but we can testify that it has a disproportionate amount of women leading the charge. We may not be getting the big press or funding but we are making moves, taking names and doing our part to change the world.

Liz Elam & Stormy McBride
Your 100% woman owned & operated GCUC Crew