Casper ter Kuile Roundtable Sound Bites

By Stormy McBride On September 25, 2020 In CoworkingCommunity

This week’s virtual gathering was all about rituals and how a simple change can make a huge impact. We sat down with Casper ter Kuile, co-author of How we Gather and co-founder of Sacred Design Lab for a roundtable discussion with Liz Elam, founder of GCUC and Daryn de Zengotita of Table Coworking.

Get back to your ‘WHY’ with some juicy sound bites from our roundtable:

Coworking communities fulfill similar roles that religious communities traditionally have. In terms of giving people an opportunity to explore their purpose, building relationships, and community. Giving people an opportunity to make an impact in the world around them whether its justice, making things more beautiful or accountability. -Casper ter Kuile

We’ve all heard about taking rest to rejuvenate, reset, and re energize. Too often we use it too mechanically. I’m a human being, not a battery. -Casper ter Kuile

Since we are space makers, we can also lean towards the altars we create and the ritual around that. As community managers, our common ritual is the sacred coffee pot. We are intentional with having a local roaster, the grind of the beans or even tutorials on making the coffee right. It’s a gathering place and we want to foster that around the sacred altar of the coffee space. -Daryn de Zengotita

Ritual is a way in which we can feel connected to one another even when we’re not talking. Even doing it in separate places. -Casper ter Kuile

What makes a habit a ritual? A habit fulfills a practical purpose. Ritual is oriented towards meaning or some sort of symbolic power, helping us feel part of a story by reenacting in some way. -Casper ter Kuile

The bridge to turn routine and everyday habits into ritual: Intention. Attention. Repetition. -Casper ter Kuile

Right now people are exponentially more stressed out and we need to give ourselves that sabbath space. Take that time. -Liz Elam

Sabbath isn’t time to reset for work, the sabbath is the point of the work. These moments where we are resting is actually the point of our lives. When we get to experience one another, share a meal, play, sing, create. -Casper ter Kuile

Right now we can’t move through space but we can move through time. The sabbath is a palace of time. -Casper ter Kuile

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As always, we want to give a big shout out to our friends Casper ter Kuile and Daryn de Zengotita – GCUC would not be as juicy without you.

*Some quotes have been edited for length and clarity.