GCUC Mastermind – Week 1 – Marketing

By Stormy McBride On September 29, 2020 In CoworkingConferenceGCUC Mastermind

Photo of people discussing marketing ideas

GCUC Mastermind is a virtual learning series focused on the accelerating nature of work and the humans driving it.

You need new skills and new information to thrive post COVID-19 and we are here to help. Over the course of four weeks we will focus the following topics, diving deep on one each week. Marketing, Best in Class Ecosystems, the Future and Finance.

This first week is focused on marketing. Our topics are: How to Attract New Members Post-COVID and Contextual Marketing & Engagement. We’ll start out reviewing some marketing basics then quickly dive into some next-level strategy. Come prepared to take lots of notes.

Cat Johnson and Karina Patel will start the day by giving us a run down on thoughtful and targeted ways to attract new members in the post COVID-19 world. They’ll cover everything from marketing with your content to PPC details. You won’t want to miss it.

We will finish up the day with a crash course on contextual marketing and using it to engage your target audience, from the founder of Propfuel, Dave Will. He will coach you through asking the right questions and using their answers to lead your potential members to your offerings.

No one has been left unscathed from COVID-19, including us. We want to do our part and help where we can. With the assistance of our sponsors, this event is being offered at no cost to you.

Save your spot now, space is limited. Register here. This event is brought to you in partnership with essensys.