By Liz Elam On June 28, 2019 In Things we Love

If you read our monthly newsletter, you have likely seen the “favorites” section at the bottom where we share the websites and products we have been loving for that month. We have received such positive feedback on it that we figured we would round up our favorite every day items and stick them in our amazon shop. If you are as nosey as we are or just like to try 1093 new things, this is the page for you.

Below is a snippet of the Crews’ favorite things list- the rest of the items can be found here.

If you are in the market for something a little more targeted and less random, check out our other lists that we curated specifically with coworking spaces in mind. 90% of this stuff we had in our own space and loved!

  1. Great for recording videos but it also doubles as a selfie stick if you need it
  2. Slap these stickers on all your stuff
  3. Fall asleep with these
  4. Keep these in the fridge for rough mornings
  5. Always have this on hand
  6. These are also in my purse at all times
  7. Where have these been all my life?
  8. The perfect nightstand outlets
  9. This planner. Its a game changer,
  10. This Coffee kit- specifically for travel (also a women owned company)
  11. An apple watch- thought they were overrated, then I got one. Its oddly motivating.
  12. Simple, slim notebook- I buy these in bulk because I am a pen and paper kind of person.
  13. The 4 Hour Work Week- read it and it changed the way I work. 10/10 recommend

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