15 Finds To Improve Your Health & Wellness Practice

By Stormy McBride On April 16, 2021 In UncategorizedThings we LoveAmazon Prime DealsHealth and Well-being

Photo of yoga practitioner

We are exactly 106 days into 2021. That means we are at least that many from the goals you set in the new year… how are they holding up? If one of yours was cultivating or leveling up your wellness practices (ours too), below are the things we’ve snagged to help us keep on track.

  1. Apple watch – Those dang rings are motivating. If you need an accountability buddy, shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will add you to our group.
  2. Water jug – Massive. Heavy when full, Hard to ignore. You will want to drink the water just to make it lighter. Love the handle.
  3. Water bottle with reminder – Alternative to the massive jug & it gives you reminders.
  4. Spin Bike – Literally the highlight of my pandemic. Spin class at home. Every. single. day.
  5. Adjustable weights – Adds comfortable but effective resistance to any activity.
  6. Sit stand desk – Keeps you from staying in one position all day… also encourages dancing at your desk. Just saying. Our entire team has these and loves them. *GCUC members get a discount on these if ordered directly through Vari.
  7. Yoga mat – Padding to prevent injuries AND 50k+ reviews.
  8. Weight vest – Helps step up your workout game and strengthen your core.
  9. Neck and shoulder relaxer – Helps relieve neck and shoulder strain from long hours at the computer. Looks weird but works great.
  10. Stress Less Cards – Mindful meditation exercises to relieve stress.
  11. Fit Track Scale – Measure 17 different health indicators including hydration!
  12. Essential Oil Diffuser – Perfect for signaling time to unwind as you switch from work to home mode. Wellness isn’t just physical health.
  13. Adult coloring book – Sometimes you just need art and swearing.
  14. Deep Tissue Massager – Relieve tight muscles and sore backs while you can’t get to the professionals.
  15. Treadmill – For those times when you want to work out at home but going outside is not an option. Truth be told, its proximity guilts you into movement. Just 10 minutes can get you re energized

If you can’t tell, we love trying all of the gadgets. While the links above are affiliate links and GCUC may make a small commission of any purchases made through these, all opinions are our own. These are things we have purchased and loved. If you are interested in the duds we found along the way, feel free to shoot us an email. We’d be happy to share those too.