How to make your membership stick with you.

By Liz Elam On June 21, 2019 In CoworkingCoworking TrendsGCUC Membership

GCUC Membership

When a little company formally known as Wework tours their potential clients around one of their 700 locations, they always ask if them if they need enterprise level benefits for their company. When the potential client responds that they do need those services, Wework points them to their partner. GCUC recently went to that same partner and secured a super aggressive deal through our GCUC membership program. This means as long as you are a GCUC member, you have access to these same amazing benefits. Here’s the best part….as the operator, you, yourself don’t have to sign up for the partner services to offer the amazing benefits to your own clients. Confused? Okay let me break it down.

You join GCUC Membership = You get the ability to offer enterprise services to your members and clients.

Why would you do this?

  1. The #1 thing your clients need are HR services (according to Instant Office our global data partner) and that is the #1 thing our partner can provide, in fact you get your own human assigned to your company
  2. Everyone needs help with payroll – they do that too
  3. Why should corporations be the only ones to enjoy economies of scale when it comes to benefits? Now you can access those too.
  4. Talk about sticky, you’re space is where they conduct their business and get amazing amenities/benefits…. that will help you attract and retain members even after they outgrow your physical space
  5. Everyone is busy and utilizing this service takes work OFF your members plates, makes them happier and more efficient. We call that a win.

AND if that wasn’t good enough… when they grow out of your space,they can keep the benefits by moving to a virtual membership. Continuous. Revenue. Source.

Oh and its no problem if you or your members run an international company. We took care of that and made sure that this offering was truly global.

What do you need to qualify? A GCUC Membership (they’re totally affordable) and business tax id. That is it. Ready to get started? Great hop on over to im.gcuc.co and get signed up!

Still have questions? Hit us up at [email protected].