GCUC Podcast – Katrina Larkin

By James Tootle On October 25, 2021 In GCUC PodcastFireside Chat

It is essential in this day in age to have community and human connections to thrive in any working environment. In a new series, Fireside Chats, brought to you by Yardi Kube, Liz chats with Katrina Larkin, co-founder of Fora, and discusses the need for the community to keep the workforce motivated. Listen in to hear how Fora has gone above and beyond to keep the community alive pre and post pandemic and why it is so crucial to keep the people’s best interests at heart in the workplace.

Here are some juicy sound bites from this fireside chat:

I think life has taught me to be thankful for the opportunities and to count your blessings. – Katrina Larkin, Co-Founder of Fora

I think the biggest mistake corporations that are going into flexible work or hybrid work is they aren’t communicating with their people. -Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

Your tribe will tell you what they need, want, and how to engage with them on what they’re looking for. – Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

Everyone misses the people. – Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

You can walk up to somebody’s desk with an idea, you can brainstorm and collaborate together. – Katrina Larkin, Co-Founder of Fora

Humans can’t fit into these zoom slots, that’s not how your business is going to grow. – Katrina Larkin, Co-Founder of Fora

The tailored office which really accepts every business and company is different and they have different needs. It’s where we create a hub n spoke office for them that really looks at how they work during the week and at different times and the spaces as well as the set up. – Katrina Larkin, Co-Founder of Fora

I love that you are meeting them where they are at, and giving people what they need at that moment. The fact that there is a human there always welcoming them is so very important. -Liz Elam

Our general managers on our network contacted our residents whose faces we weren’t seeing come into the office to just say “Hi, how are you?” , and some of them did have apprehension. – Katrina Larkin, Co-Founder of Fora

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