GCUC Podcast Recap: Shai Fogel

By Stormy McBride On August 24, 2022 In CoworkingGCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

With plans to double locations each year, this coffee lover holds the keys to measuring community, and those special hospitality moments that set them apart from competitors and how to make people feel at home. Shai Fogel, General Manager, US Market at Mindspace, talks about aggressive plans for expansion, the importance of going the extra mile for members, future proofing your business, connecting with your community, and the next big thing to hit the market in this episode of the GCUC Podcast.

Get the keys to successful hospitality with these juicy soundbites:

Mindspace was established in Israel back in 2014 by two co-founders who are childhood friends. I was a member of their first location and even back then I already realized how amazing this company is. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

For our goals on expansion, the US is a huge market and everything is different so Mindspace is carefully looking for each location and which location, which area we want to be the new baby in the family. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

We have to understand where people want to go now. Pre pandemic it was inner cities and now post pandemic it’s the outskirts of the cities, the burbs. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

We like to have connectivity between areas of the cities. This is what we have everywhere, and we really try to make sure there’s the right connectivity whether it’s a train that goes between all the cities that we are in or a bike lane like Amsterdam. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

Over the years I developed a strategy, I wanted to be less than a mile from a large thoroughfare, walkability to retail and restaurants, and you have to have plenty of parking. I’m a huge fan of some ground floor and access to nature, the ability to walk to a park or courtyard. -Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

Outdoor space is very important. We see that members that come to any of our locations come because we have a rooftop or something like that. It really helps them to see themselves in the space because people want to go out in nature. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

If you don’t have a plan for wellness, then you are not future proofing your business. -Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC
That’s the $1 billion question. We are expanding. The plan is to sign and open 8-10 locations next year and double that every year. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

You’ve had such tremendous success in Europe and in Israel. That’s part of why I wanted to have you on, people don’t realize that you guys are a serious player. -Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

Our hospitality is something that we do put in front of every touch point we have with anyone that is coming into the space whether you’re a member or just someone that booked a hybrid office for the day, meeting room or just to meet another member; we strive to give a level of hospitality that is beyond. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

If you think the Ritz Carlton has good hospitality, go two steps further. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

We have to make sure that everyone wants to come to Mindspace because they know they feel at home, they know that they are respected. Whatever they need, we can provide. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

People started congregating in the coffee shop and talking to people in line. This is how communities build. This is how you create that vibe of hospitality. It’s ok if not all of us are working in the same industry or the same company because we can make connections in other ways. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

In the US, I think it’s a little bit harder for employers to understand that the days of coming to the office five times a week are gone. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

Hybrid work is the next big thing if it’s not already here. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

If you want to plug your people in TODAY, go to a coworking space. To me, the difference between flex and coworking is that coworking has community, it has a soul, and we work to know the people in our space. -Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

Ask the community what they want. Ask what will help them strive as a person, yoga, Pilates, running groups and stuff like that. But also, what would help them professionally. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace

I’m looking forward to the growth and to see the new locations thrive and adding more team members to our little family. It’s going to be an exciting six months. -Shai Fogel, GM US Market at Mindspace


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