More than one million people will work from coworking spaces in 2017

By Liz Elam On January 26, 2017 In CoworkingCommunityCoworking TrendsBeginnings

If you know anything about coworking, you know that it is taking hold of the workplace industry. What was once thought of as just a trend is now a concept that is sweeping the globe. Our friends over at Deskmag just released their 2017 Coworking Forecast and we couldnt agree more.  Coworking is the Future of Work.

From the mouth of the Deskmag Crew:

By the end of the new year, nearly 1.2 million people worldwide will have worked in a coworking space. This is driven principally by clear growth in coworking space membership numbers. Notably, the number of small spaces, with fewer than ten members, has declined dramatically (from 23% to 12%). At the same time, nearly one in five coworking space boasts 150 or more members; one year previously, this number was only 13%. Despite the extreme shift in numbers from small to large facilities, the membership share of coworking spaces in the middle has undergone little visible change.

According to operators, an average of 129 members currently work in a coworking space. But considering the lack of balance, as this average is only one characteristic, it does not constitute a solid foundation. Therefore, the Global Coworking Survey is introducing a new value in addition to the median (the 50% value) this year. With this new so-called trimmed mean, the average number of members rises to 74, from 49 in the previous year.

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