The drivers of successful flexspace

By Stormy McBride On July 10, 2023 In GCUC AustraliaGCUC APAC

Community: People place purpose

People place and purpose.

The real drivers of successful coworking and flexible workspace ecosystems.

At our upcoming GCUC Australia event Brad Krauskopf will be interviewing Cliff Ho and Pisarski to better understand the role of culture, community, and place in creating successful and vibrant ecosystems. We will learn the key elements that contribute to a thriving ecosystem, including and not limited to, the people, places, and cultural values that shape the environment.

Brad will dive into how to cultivate a sense of belonging, how to design spaces that foster connection and collaboration, and how to build and maintain a culture of innovation while growing. You won’t want to miss the founder of Hub Australia and the Co-Founders of The Commons and The Community Collective on stage together.

Meet the speakers behind this incredible session:

Brad Krauskopf– Brad Krauskopf is the founder and CEO of Hub Australia which has grown to become Australia’s largest privately held coworking operator. Targeting the premium end of the market, Hub is known for its high levels of customer service, quality fit outs and a hospitality-inspired offering that helps customers grow their businesses by attracting and retaining the best talent. Hub is a Bcorp, recognised as an employer of choice in the Great Places to Work rankings and all of its workspaces are certified carbon neutral. Brad is also the founding Co-chair of Flexible Workspace Australia, the peak-industry body for flexible and coworking space in Australia.

Paz Pisarski – Paz has dedicated her life to helping people like you build impactful communities.She is the Co-Founder of The Community Collective, a community for community builders in Australia and New Zealand.

Previously she managed Startup Victoria’s founder community (Australia’s largest startup community with over 60,000 people), grew RMIT Activator’s startup community and co-working space from 500 to 5000+ members, designed and led 10 Accelerator programs, established a community at Happy Spaces coworking, and supported asylum seekers to build their own businesses at not-for-profit SisterWorks.

Today she is based in Torquay, Australia where she run The Community Collective and compose relaxation music for meditation as Paz Sounds (ber personal music brand).

Cliff Ho– Cliff Ho co-founded The Commons in 2016. With a keen focus on human-centred design and spaces conducive to productivity and creativity, Cliff sought to reshape and redefine the workplace. Attracting the attention of high-profile businesses and entrepreneurs, The Commons has quickly become one of Australia’s largest shared workspaces operators with 11 sites open between Sydney and Melbourne and 6 more sites in the works.

To hear this session along with many others, buy a ticket to GCUC Australia in partnership with the FWA. The event will be hosted August 2-3 at Flex by ISPT.