From Flex Offering to Community Hub: The Future of Coworking Explored

By Stormy McBride On July 27, 2023 In Future of WorkGCUC AustraliaGCUC APAC

Coworking isn’t just a real estate business.

It’s an engine room for ideas.

It’s a network of people.

Above all else, it’s a hospitality business.

Beyond the traditional transactional approach, coworking space owners and operators have evolved into passionate curators, redefining the very essence of what it means to share workspace and experiences.

Coworking is more than just a “flex space offering”

At the heart of this discussion lies the idea that space owners and operators are not just landlords, but curators of a dynamic ecosystem. With a focus on hospitality, they meticulously craft environments where members can thrive both professionally and personally.

Borrowing the perspectives of some of Australia’s leading event producers and thought leaders, this panel will double down on the concept of coworking spaces as more than physical locations but hospitality businesses fostering vibrant and interconnected communities. Both women in this session have experimented with the concept of coworking as a natural extension of their own communities, and can speak first hand to how intrinsically connected delivering ideas, experiences and space are.

We have gathered this group to explore not only how we view ourselves as an industry but how other leaders view our go forward plans for the future. You will not want to miss out on this one.

Meet the speakers:

Remo Giuffre– Remo Giuffré is a Sydney-based creative director and curator with a long track record as an entrepreneur, connector and community builder. He founded REMO in 1988, the General Thinking network in 2001, TEDxSydney in 2009 and Bondi Observer (with wife Melanie) in 2015. Later in 2023 he will publish the first volume of a biannual book series called REMORANDOM, a printed curation of snack-sized stories, ideas and observations designed to inform, entertain and inspire a global community of curious readers.

Sally Hill– Sally Hill, is a leader, thinker, and doer in the world of purpose-driven business. As an independent business consultant, Sally specializes in helping businesses that are deeply committed to sustainability, social impact, and purpose. Her expertise lies in diverse areas such as business development, events management, experience strategy, communications, digital marketing, community building, and engagement.

Sally’s journey includes leading the Sydney team at Today strategic design, where she demonstrated her exceptional skills. Before that, she made her mark as the founder of Wildwon, an experience design agency that proudly held the distinction of being one of Australia’s first B Corps. Additionally, Sally established the Purpose conference and community, showcasing her dedication to promoting purpose-driven initiatives.

Kate Dezarnaulds – Kate founded WorkLife in 2017 to create for herself the coworking community she so desperately needed to balance her consulting work in Sydney, with her local tree-changing life in Berry NSW. Since then WorkLife has grown to a community of 120 members across two sites- Berry & Coledale- with plans afoot for a 3rd site in Picton opening mid 2023.

Kate has recently completed a 2.5 year contract to launch the Investing in Rural Community Futures Program on the South Coast- a 5 year partnership between The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and the Snow Foundation to strengthen local not-for-profit (NFP) organisations and ultimately enable them to thrive.

Join us for a discussion where we unravel the themes behind building a well-activated coworking community that transcends traditional boundaries.

To hear this session along with many others, buy a ticket to GCUC Australia in partnership with the FWA. The event will be hosted August 2-3 at Flex by ISPT.