Why Coworking Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

By Stormy McBride On February 1, 2021 In CoworkingCommunity

Photo of coworkers

People are messy.

I’m not just talking about leaving a coffee cup sitting on a desk. I’m talking about humans with needs, wants and expectations. People want a chair they can work in for 8 hours. They want the temperature to be comfortable to them (irrespective of the rest of the room.) They want booking a room for a meeting to be easy and everything to be as it should be when they arrive. They want the internet to just work and work fast. They want a plug in arms reach. They want to be provided with upskilling opportunities, community events and some fun. They want connection. They want to be seen, they want to be heard and they deserve all these things from the place they choose to work.

We as operators should be looking for ways to level up. We should be making sure that our humans (just like our plants) have plenty of natural resources – light, water and good nutrients. How can we provide spaces that actually make people healthier? We have just faced a global pandemic and for the most part people are stressed, lonely, depressed and needing connection. Coworking spaces can provide that human element and offer space that is superior to home offices. Your competition isn’t the other coworking spaces, the office or the coffee shop; it’s people’s home.

What generally is good about home office space?

  • No commute
  • Access to home amenities
  • Closer to family
  • Comfortable and safe

What is not good about the home office space?

  • It’s a privilege
  • It’s often not ergonomic
  • Distractions of home
  • Loss of home as your haven
  • Cost you space in your home
  • You never get to leave work


How can your coworking or flexible space be better than home?


Provide space that has:

  • Ergonomic workspace
  • Space for meetings, heads down work and personal work
  • Comfortable seating options
  • Easy and fast internet connection
  • Power everywhere
  • Great lighting
  • Easy to find and obtain parking
  • Great events
  • The opportunity to upskill
  • Discounts to local partners
  • A network of spaces
  • A place to eat as a community and connect
  • Plants
  • Superior air quality
  • Real food and great coffee
  • Security

Think about how you would love to work and make that space.

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