Top 10 job titles that should attend GCUC 

By Stormy McBride On February 21, 2024 In CommunityFuture of WorkGCUC North America

Thinking about coming to GCUC? Here are the top ten profiles we see in our attendees.

  1. You’re thinking about opening a coworking space. We will teach you everything you need to know in one day! We call it the fundamentals of flex or camp GCUC.

  2. You are a real estate developer and asset owner.

  3. You’re an owner operator. There is no better way to next level your business than to learn from your peers.

  4. You have a product or service that coworking spaces need or want. GCUC gathers the decision makers all in one place… you need to be in the room.

  5. You’re a community manager. Hear about industry trends, explore operational excellence and learn new things to take by to your community. We know the CMs are the do-ers and stars of the show.

  6. You are in economic development. We can open your eyes to the coworking world and what it can help you with building activated community centers and enhancing your local ecosystem.

  7. You’re the HR director of a remote or hybrid company. Whether it is hiring and retaining your talent or simply adapting your remote policy to include flexible third spaces. We’ve got sessions for you.

  8. You are a corporate real estate strategist. The future of work is flexible. We can show you how to lower your costs while make your employees happier

  9. You’re in hospitality and you’re co-curious. Come mingle, educate yourself on co and experience community real time, first hand.

  10. You are breathing… really you don’t have to be any of these things. All are welcome at GCUC.

We hope to see you at our next event in Salt Lake City this April. Information and tickets can be found here!