Thursdays are for the Community

By Stormy McBride On January 20, 2022 In AmenityCoworkingCommunityGCUC Membership

We asked and you said…

  • You need more time to collaborate and learn with your peers.
  • You need more structured time to learn what is already in your tool box.
  • You need brief exposure to the newest of the new, to see if it warrants your research time.
  • You need accountability.

We heard you. New for 2022 we will be hosting GCUC Community events every Thursday, alternating mornings and afternoons to accommodate our international partners.

First Thursday
GCUC Community members can join us on the first Thursday every month where we will briefly discuss one of the tools available to you through the community and how you can implement it then share a goal for the month that you need some accountability on.

The objective of this event is to make sure members are taking advantage of the tools at their fingertips, maximizing their resources and continually increasing their bottom line while connecting with other owner operators around the globe.

Second Thursday
The hive mind is a beautiful thing so why not use it to your advantage? On the second Thursday of every month we will host a hot seat session for a GCUC Community member.

Hot seats work like this:

The selected member brings a list of questions and situations they would like to work through- can be goals, questions or challenges.
The GCUC Team as well as the Community gather to talk them through their pain points, offer solutions and work on an action plan that can be implemented immediately.
Learning isn’t limited to your own hot seat sessions. Rising tides lift all ships. Whether you are one of the experts or just taking notes for your own spaces, these sessions are game changers.

Third Thursday:
Technology seems to always give us a headache. The tech stack is ever changing and there are so many options out there. This is a monthly review of a popular tool, system, upgrade, software or hardware. It is important to us that this be educational and not just another sales pitch so come ready to learn.

Fourth Thursday
A 30 minute worksprint and accountability check in on those goals you set during the first week of the month. Cowork virtually with other community builders. We all need some accountability so consider this your crew.

Registration information can be found in the GCUC Community slack or in the monthly newsletter.

If you are not a member and would like in on these biz dev sessions, you can join the community here. If you only attend these sessions and don’t use any of the other perks, each would only be $10. You spend that on lunch. Your business is worth the investment. You are worth the investment.