Ideas and inspiration for Mental Health Awareness Month

By Stormy McBride On May 14, 2024 In CommunityMental Health AwarenessHealth and Well-being

Mental Health Word Image

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time when we get real about how we’re feeling. Here at GCUC, we are gearing up for Manchester after all the fun we had in Salt Lake City. It’s a bit stressful over here. 


Now more than ever, we are taking the time to give ourselves permission to slow down and check in with our mental well-being. Whether it’s a quick walk around the block, a power nap, or a five-minute meditation session at our desk, this month let’s prioritize moments of self-care amidst the hustle.


Here are some suggestions for operators to spread awareness and promote mental health wellness within their communities this month. 


  • Introduce wellness programs that promote physical activity, healthy eating, and work-life balance. Offer yoga classes, meditation sessions, or onsite gym facilities to encourage members to prioritize their well-being. If onsite options are not in the cards, partner with local wellness centric businesses.  


  • Level up your hospitality game and lean into going the extra mile to be of service to your members, making their days just a little bit easier and brighter. If you need some hospitality inspiration, we suggest taking a look at Hub Australia or General Provision.  
  • Organize workshops focusing on stress management, mindfulness, and resilience-building techniques. Invite mental health professionals or experts to lead sessions tailored to the needs of coworking members. Calm is hosting a mental health awareness conversation with some of their experts on May 15th, take notes!
  • Like we saw at Uncommon London, bringing our furry friends to work definitely boosted morale and encouraged breaks outdoors. This month, we recommend bringing back dogs to your space for more fun and workplace satisfaction.  
  • Develop a dedicated section on your company’s website with resources such as articles, videos, and downloadable guides on mental health topics. Ensure easy access for members seeking information and support. NAMI has great resources for this, sharing campaigns like this years “Take the Moment”.  
  • Share tips and resources for self-care practices through newsletters, social media, or dedicated bulletin boards within the coworking space. Check out the “this week” highlight on the Kiln Instagram for inspiration, or NAMI for already made graphics accessible to anyone.  
  • Create designated quiet areas within your coworking space where members can retreat for moments of solitude and relaxation. These areas can be equipped with comfortable seating and soothing lighting. We recommend including calming decor that promotes mental well-being, such as any information from the World Health Organization, NAMI, or your closest coworking space.   
  • Facilitate peer support networks within the coworking community, where members can connect with others to help get their needs met and share resources. Encourage members to lean on each other for support and guidance. Check out Maven Collective for insights, they offer support like childcare to their members. What more do you need?  

As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s continue to promote mental health initiatives within our coworking spaces, ensuring that every member feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive. So take that extra day to yourself, or a cozy nap curled up with a good book. However you like to check in with your mental health, make time for it this month.