11 Reasons You Should Be At GCUC In Chicago

By Stormy McBride On November 8, 2022 In ConferenceCommunityFuture of WorkGCUC USAGCUC North America

GCUC North America

GCUC North America is headed to Chicago this coming April. We are actively working on the programming and wanted to give you a look at why you should be in the room at GCUC this coming spring.

  1. The top reason people come to GCUC is the same reason they come to coworking… The human connection. You have to be there. Join us to collaborate, break bread, learn and celebrate. GCUC is where your people are.
  2. The experiences you will have at GCUC are like none other. While the content is great the people are better and the programing is always changing to serve you where you are, right now.
  3. We’re collaborators not competitors. GCUC is where everyone from industry experts to workspace novices meet to build the future of work.
  4. Already an industry veteran? We have a curated mastermind series for you. This is where you get the tactical work on your business, not in your business stuff.
  5. We encourage you to pour into your business whether it be sitting in sessions, networking with other attendees or taking advantage of our coworking lounge to knock out some work.
  6. We’ve done the legwork to get the latest and greatest industry providers into one room. You don’t have to spend time scouring your calendar to book demos. Simply grab a coffee and have a chat with Yardi, Vari, Piloto Mail or any of our other partners.
  7. The magic happens up close and personal. We don’t record the content anymore so you have to be there to get all the juicy knowledge.
  8. The after hours programming will give you stories to tell for the rest of your life. Not to mention Bond has agreed to host the closing party and Shlomo has some wacky ideas brewing.
  9. Partnerships, investments and jobs happen because of the connections you make in the room at GCUC. The founders of Fora & Common Desk credit GCUC as the pivotal starting point in their journeys.
  10. This is where you will find the next brand. We have a knack for calling it early and have been putting emerging brands on stage for over 10 years. We have a proven track record we are kind of proud of.
  11. Again with the legwork… we’ve set up tour routes so you can check out what others are doing in their spaces without the hassle of booking in at each and worrying about navigating the city.

And if you are feeling all kinds of fired up about building the future of work and want to throw your topic in the ring, feel free to fill out this form. We’ve received several emails but this will be the official submissions for review. Please note that we have a limited number of spaces and can not choose everyone.