GCUC Podcast Recap: Paul D’Arrigo, Saltbox

By Stormy McBride On October 27, 2022 In Coworking TrendsGCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

How filling a gap in the industry went from a small, niche vision to over 1 million square feet of 400+ logistically enabled members in under 3 years, and the masterminds like Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox, who are behind it. Paul talks about the importance of going beyond the space with a reliable workforce, the importance of flexibility in amenities, aligning with member success, and more in this episode of the GCUC Podcast.

Discover how you can take things to the next level with these juicy sound bites:

We offer an end-to-end solution for logistics for small and medium businesses. The core part of that is the space; industrial properties that we configure and operate in a way where many businesses in that same facility share the logistical function of that building. -Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox

We call it, logistically enabled. This is where companies have the ability to receive commercial freight shipments, daily carrier pickups. All of these things that are difficult from a residence or self-storage unit.
The enablement goes beyond the space. We offer a workforce, which businesses can use fractionally, we offer fulfillment services for ecommerce merchants. -Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox

In 2020, we saw our first location in Atlanta fill up very quickly. We found that most of our members were ecommerce and doing quite well. People couldn’t even go out to eat so they were buying things online, so we were able to then assist these people in running their business. They could have freight delivered, we would receive it, put it into their private area, because they were at home doing home school with their children. -Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox

It’s a very different business from the standard coworking but I love the two married together. -Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

We do offer private warehouse suites and office suites. The office suites are somewhat of a compliment to the warehouse suites, generally someone joins Saltbox needing that logistically functional space, their business grows, growing customer support needs, accounting needs, meetings, etc. We are learning how people want flexibility. Enabling them to flexibly come and go, operate their business, do a growing variety of things that they need for their business. All very flexible and efficient. -Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox

I don’t see a lot of three person cofounder teams. One of the hardest things about the entrepreneurial journey is most of us do it alone. It’s really smart to do it as a team. -Liz Elam, Founder at GCUC

We all had experience in startups and companies. Maxwell worked for a very successful marketing and technology company, Tyler came from Silicon Valley and a very successful software company there, and I have a background in ecommerce and venture backed companies. Preemptively understanding the dynamics, getting ahead of hard conversations, that helped a lot. -Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox

The Saltbox community, no one thinks you’re crazy to quit your job to create a product and start building a company. -Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox

We’ve already seen health and beauty companies partner with a sock company. Coming together, doing joint things, it’s some of my favorite things that I love hearing about. That was always the thing about coworking, having a community, physical proximity to each other and having it available to our members. -Paul D’Arrigo, Cofounder at Saltbox

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