Unlocking Success: Tactical Marketing Strategies for Coworking Space Owners

By Stormy McBride On August 11, 2023 In UncategorizedCommunityGCUC Canada

As the coworking industry continues to evolve and become increasingly competitive, it is mission critical for operators to have effective marketing strategies in place to attract and retain members.

During GCUC Canada, we will dive deep on this topic during the “tactical marketing strategies” session. We will explore a wide range of techniques that can be employed to enhance the visibility and reach of your coworking space. Everything from understanding your target audience and crafting a brand story to leveraging digital platforms to amplify your message.

Our speakers will share their knowledge and stories that will help you differentiate your space in a crowded market and most importantly get more business!

Our panelist:

  • Kevin Whelan – Everspaces
  • Christine Andrews – Acme Works
  • Reuben Lau – Spacefully
  • Cat Johnson – Cat Johnson Co.

During this panel we will discuss the importance of branding and how to develop a strong and cohesive brand identity that resonates with your audience. You will learn how to effectively communicate your unique value proposition and create a compelling narrative that sets your coworking space apart from competitors.

Additionally, this session will touch on some of the many online marketing channels, such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and email campaigns. You will gain insights into how to optimize these channels to attract leads, convert them into members, and nurture ongoing relationships.

Adding to your digital marketing strategies, we will also look at offline tactics that can complement your online efforts. From hosting engaging events and workshops to forming partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

Our objective is simple:

You will leave this session equipped with actionable insights and a comprehensive toolkit of marketing tactics that can be immediately implemented to drive growth and success for your coworking space!

Whether you are an owner, manager, or marketer in the coworking industry, this session will provide you with valuable guidance and proven strategies to enhance your marketing efforts and stand out in the competitive landscape of coworking spaces.

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