Coworking leader Cat Johnson releases her first print book, The Daily Co.

By Stormy McBride On April 25, 2024 In Uncategorized

We’ve been keeping a secret. Our dear friend Cat Johnson wrote a book!

In the lead up to today, she honored our team with “top secret” advance copies. The book nerds in us dove right in. 

It’s our pleasure to share “The Daily Co”

If you know Cat you know that she is wise beyond her years. You know her deep and hearty laugh. You know she is doing what she can to uplift coworking and make the world a better place. You know she comes at her work with vigor but always leads with her heart. You know her giant smile and that she is always there to support you. 

This book is an extension of that heart. 

This book is made up of nuggets of wisdom, quotes, moments and reminders for those of us in the trenches of community building.

You read one short paragraph a day and you are off to the races.

Think of it as the most elevated version of a calendar with the daily mantras.

 Today’s daily co ends with…

“Find your place int he coworking world and step into our own amazingness.” 

So. Good.

To grab your own copy (and one for your community manager too) head to catjohnson.co

Congratulations Cat, you did a hell of a job with this one.

Your friends at GCUC are proud of you! 



A daily reader for coworking space operators and community builders, The Daily Co draws from Johnson’s ten-plus years as a participant and way-pointer in coworking as it’s grown from a grassroots movement into a global industry. 

Created for coworking space operators around the world, The Daily Co is full of insights, tips, strategies and heart.

“My hope is that this book supports and lifts up coworking space operators and community builders and they do the hard work of creating a more connected, collaborative future. As we always say, you can’t buy community, you have to build it.”

—Cat Johnson


An industry-leading brand community strategist and coworking coach, Cat Johnson is the host of Coworking Convos, a monthly virtual event series for coworking space operators and Coworking Out Loud, a podcast exploring the deeper side of coworking, content and community. A longtime writer and content creator whose work has appeared in dozens of publications, including Shareable, Yes! Magazine, Mother Jones, Allwork.Space, Good Times and No Depression, Johnson runs The Lab marketing club for indie coworking spaces and regularly shares blog posts and resources for workspace operators at catjohnson.co.