Community in a football stadium

By Stormy McBride On December 14, 2023 In CommunityGCUC USA

University of Utah stadium.

In 2024, GCUC will be hosted in Salt Lake City Utah! We are adding another layer of community to this stadium.

We have chosen the Ken Garff University Club to host this year’s conference. The venue has a fun mix of indoor and outdoor space, beautiful mountain views and leaves room for plenty of sport themed activities.

Morning workouts and Games on the field anyone? Team coworking jerseys? A speaker Draft? Training camp for industry newcomers? We love a theme…

We chose the Ken Garff University club for several reasons.

  • There is ample space for us to get creative- more opportunities for breakouts, activations and more.
  • You can see the snowy mountains from the exhibitor area.
  • Speaking of the exhibitor area- it features an entire wing set up for workspace should you need to step out and take a call or do some work.
  • Utah is easily accessible. The SLC airport is international and easy to navigate.
  • The venue is also easily accessible- via car or TRAX (public transport). If you are really motivated you could walk from downtown.
  • The main session room is indoors however it features a patio that leads directly behind the goal posts in the end zone on the field for those that want some fresh air during the day.
  • Utah has a culture that is built on community and that is reflected in the coworking scene.
  • Salt Lake City is stunning in its own right but also only a short drive away from Park City and other picturesque towns
  • The Conference is in April… we may catch the end of snow season and be able to ski.
  • We wanted to get out of the concrete jungle and into nature and encourage our attendees to do the same.
  • Camaraderie and unity are known to go hand and hand in football stadiums. GCUC too.

If you are an OG GCUC goer, you may have experienced our conferences in an airplane hanger, furniture showroom, at SXSW, at a university, in an opera house and many other non traditional venues. This year, we are adding football club to the list.

The content will still be a three day program with masterminds, main stage content, tours, talks, happy hours and more but we will also be folding in some work and play options to get you out in the community.

Check out the event details here.

If you are planning on joining us for GCUC on April 9-11th, snag a ticket here. As of now (date of publication) there are still early bird tickets available at $599. Ticket prices will increase to $799 on December 26th. Get yours now and save some cash.

We cant wait to see you in Salt Lake,
Liz, Stormy and The Crew