GCUC Podcast Recap: Kevin Whelan

By Stormy McBride On August 3, 2023 In CommunityGCUC CanadaGCUC Podcast

GCUC Podcast

Kevin Whelan of Everspaces is a master of uncovering and harnessing unique niches for explosive growth.

In an interview with Liz Elam, Kevin shares what most people overlook, the strategies that truly make a difference, and the crucial ingredients for great marketing.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity to revolutionize your approach to marketing!

For those of you who can’t wait, check out these soundbites:

“I help clients make all the decisions as it relates to marketing, how to create good strategy, how to measure everything, how to build out websites, and everything involving their marketing.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“Every client is different, every situation is different, but my goal is to help them figure out what’s the right plan for them.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“I’ll introduce you to everybody and set up your marketing system so that when you get a little bit bigger, you can hire a marketing manager who takes the reins and runs with all the people you need, all the systems.“ -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“There are really no secrets. It’s just execution.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“We’re a hospitality industry, I think it just attracts people that care about people.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“I think a lot of people start coworking spaces with the notion that everyone is the customer.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“I’m not necessarily saying that everyone needs a niche, but I think we just have to be really clear on what’s the ideal segment and customer for our product” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“You’re still gonna get all kinds of people coming to you. You don’t have to exclude anyone, you don’t have to niche down onto one very specific vertical.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“The most successful operators are in that business of how we make people feel when they walk in the door.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“I think part of the industry can be broken down, like we talked about, around the experience element and the convenience element.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“I think the more you lean into that experience element, the more successful you’ll be.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces
“Give them as much information as you can. And they’ll reach out if they’re interested. If they’re a good quality fit.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“I think finding little ways to be selfish is really important whenever you can and just to reinvest.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“You have to have analytics, you have to track things.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“Go invest in ads and other things and whatever you need to do to continue to work that engine and improve, get more people to your site because you’re buying money at that point.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

“There’s no reason not to spend as much money as you can on marketing.” -Kevin Whelan of Everspaces

Head over to everspaces.com to check Kevin out!

Click here to listen to the full podcast. It’s juicy and full of more than just these soundbytes.