GCUC is headed to Seattle in 2020

By Liz Elam On October 30, 2019 In CoworkingConferencePressCoworking TrendsCoworky AwardsFuture of WorkGCUC USA

If you weren’t at GCUC Canada, you missed the live announcement but that’s okay because we are here to tell you that we are headed to Seattle for GCUC USA 2020! We have not been back to the west coast since 2015 so we figured it was about time! With this new local brings new things, and we think it’s about time.


After reading feedback from GCUC Denver, we knew we needed to shake it up. Change the venue requirements, restructure the agenda and provide more social programing – so we did. We are happy to say that GCUC is getting a little face lift. It will still have that deep rooted community feel (with all of the friendly faces) but with a different flow.

This year we will be bringing back tracks. If you are a GCUC OG, you may remember that we did this back in 2015 in LA. The industry wasn’t quite ready for it yet but its been made apparent that you guys are bursting at the seams for it now. Camp will remain the same- for newcomers and novices. GCUC Day one will adjust to be main stage sessions in the morning then in the afternoon 2-3 tracks of varying topics and degrees of knowledge so that there is something for everyone.

Part of the magic of GCUC is that we have everyone from coworking newbies, industry experts, 10+ year veteran operators, VC’s, investors and real estate giants in the room. The diverse crowd is what makes the conversations so interesting but it also makes programming a bit tricky on our end.

Ultimately, It is our goal to help support the industry thought out the entirety of its stages and make sure you the operators are constantly learning, growing and evolving your business and community. We aspire for GCUC to be the place where you come to not only learn what is going on with the industry outside of your locals but to connect with others like you, and unlike you to have conversations that propel the future of work. We are the game changers and change makers.

So with that being said (albeit a bit long winded) we are excited to try some new things in Seattle and we really hope to see you there. Visit GCUC USA for more details!