7 Reasons COVID-19 Will Not be the Downfall of Coworking

By Liz Elam On March 16, 2020 In SustainabilityCommunityHealth and Well-being

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“Nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace face-to-face communication”
—Liz Elam, 2013 on stage at GCUC

We are going to face some hard months ahead as we navigate the great unknown. Will people choose to not work in community spaces? Yes. Will people suspend or cancel their membership and offices? Yes. Is this a recession? Quite possibly.

This also might just be our moment, the inflection point, the catalyst for a great change and the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Here’s why:

  1. Due to COVID-19 the world has figured out they can work remotely. They will also figure out that, long term, this is not a sustainable solution. We’re social animals and we need, deserve and crave community. You simply can’t have that home, alone. People need options. Working from home can be one, and working at your office could be one, but we’re betting remote workers will choose coworkingCorporations will not be looking to purchase assets, they will be looking for the flexible solutions their employees are demanding. In addition, the number one problem for all CEOs globally is attracting and retaining talent.
  2. Corporations are going to need to give their employees options. The solution employees want: coworking.
  3. We have a global loneliness epidemic. Sending people home to work is like pouring gas on an already out of control problem. Sadly, I believe we will see a rise in mental health distress not only due to COVID-19 fears, but also because we’ve sent people home to work. The solution? Work in a community around humans. Enter coworking.
  4. Companies are going to look to a more distributed workforce and they won’t want to have all their employees in one building or location. It will be a way to ensure that your business and employees can survive the next pandemic. Where do you send distributed teams to work? Coworking.
  5. We are headed towards the 4th Industrial Revolution that will fundamentally change everything. What is driving that change? AI? Nope. IOT? Nope. Robots? Nope. It’s the changing nature of work that is fueling this fire. The 4th Industrial Revolution is coworking.
  6. Recession Smession. I find it hard to believe we can’t get back on the wave we were riding the week before last. I know we will see some major impact to our economies for a variety of reasons due to COVID-19. The dip has happened. Why can’t we make this the shortest recession of all time? I don’t know about you, but I’m up for the challenge. We’re more equipped than ever to control our own destinies and make our own futures. Why? Because we’re choosing, in droves, to be independent. In addition, the vast majority of coworking spaces are run by hard working small business owners. You know who lifts you out of a recession? We do, the hardest working people in America—the entrepreneurs.
  7. Go ahead call me a Pollyanna but I believe that humans are WAY (Yes, I’m yelling.) more resilient than we are given credit for in this world. We have a common problem that is affecting everyone in the world. A common enemy, if you will. We can globally rise up and support each other, share our success, failures, and how we’re coping. We can help each other. At our core we are all once innocent children and we all have good inside. Let’s show it.

“I believe that coworking is a human revolution where the workers are no longer told where to work but rather choose where they want to thrive. It’s time for the world to wake up to this revolution and join us. We’re better together. “ —Liz Elam, today.

Now keep washing your hand and make good choices and be kind to one another. We’re all in this together.