Annual Review and New Year Goal Setting

By Stormy McBride On January 2, 2024 In CommunityBeginnings

New Year goal setting planner

New year, new you? Good intentions to the max but are you working with the full deck of information?

You have likely heard the Peter Drucker phrase

“What gets measured, gets managed”

We are big fans of setting smart goals but are of the opinion that you need to have all of the information to be able to do so effectively.

Here is the list of questions we work through as we assess the year past and set up ourselves for the new year.

  1. What did I change my mind on this year?
  2. Who were the anchors in my life?
  3. What created energy/ revenue this year?
  4. What drained energy/revenue?
  5. What did I let fear hold me back from completing?
  6. What were my greatest accomplishments?
  7. What were my biggest missed opportunities and losses?
  8. What did I learn?

New Year Resolutions only work if you do. Now that you have reviewed what got you here. Lets talk about what you are going to do for the next 3, 6, and 12 months.

Ask yourself…

“What is my focus for the next 3, 6, and 12 months?”

3 Months:

  • What cool stuff do I want to do in the next 3 months?
    • Pin down some short-term, doable goals that contribute to your big picture.
  • Any quick wins I can tick off right away to kick things off?
    • Break your goals into bite-sized tasks and start knocking them out.
  • Which friends or resources can help me with these?
    • Identify those pals or tools in your circle that can back you up.

6 Months:

  • What skills should I focus on leveling up in the next 6 months?
    • Figure out the talents/skills you need and plot out how you’ll improve.
  • Are there any potential hurdles I should be aware of?
    • Think about the roadblocks and how you’ll jump over or simply go around them. Get creative.
  • How will I know Im crushing my goals at the 6 month mark?
    • Set some MEASURABLE milestones to make sure you’re on the right track.

12 Months:

  • What big actions will help me continue on with these growth goals?
    • Map out a grand plan and jot down some lofty yet doable targets. These should be stretch goals
  • What are strategies to up the cash flow or product offerings in the next year?
    • Explore new opportunities or ways to reach your community.
  • What are cool ideas to pay it forward and contribute to the bigger picture?
    • Think of how achieving your goals/ the journey to achieving them can contribute to your local community

Overall Reflection:

  • What can I learn from last year to help me shape this year’s goals?
  • Who is/are my mentor(s) or friend(s) that I can turn to for guidance while I work through these goals?

As always the GCUC Community is here to help support you and your community on your journey. Please use the resource library and feel free to tap us in if we can help. If someone on our team is not a fit, we will pull from our extensive expert pool and help find you the info you need.

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Cheers to the New Year Friends!