GCUC North America is headed to Chicago

By Stormy McBride On October 13, 2022 In CoworkingConferenceGCUC USACoworking EventsWorkplace TrendsGCUC North America


We are hosting GCUC North America in the windy city- Chicago, in 2023!!!

Why Chicago you ask?

  • Middle America is easy for most to get to
  • Chicago is thriving and has a growing coworking/flex market
  • Convene has a great venue with amazing amenities and service for our attendees (sound familiar?)
  • It’s a diverse city with so much to offer and explore
  • Deep dish pizza

We invite you to join us for three action packed days! Two Convene Willis Tower and one bouncing around the city.

This year’s agenda will look like:

Day One:

The first day will consist of two tracks, Fundamentals of flex and Masterminds. One for the industry newcomers and one for the industry veterans

Day Two:

The second day will be GCUC mainstage day. This is our day of anything but standard thought provoking, educational, future of work shaping content. The first two days will also include a partner showcase, where you can learn about the latest offering from software to furniture.

Day Three:

The third day will be our innovative and fun ‘choose your own adventure’ format. We will offer sessions, demos, coworking space tours and social programming at various spaces and venues across the city of Chicago.

Part of the magic of GCUC is that we have everyone from coworking newbies, industry experts, 10+ year veteran operators, VC’s, investors and real estate giants in the room. The diverse crowd is what makes the conversations engaging and why people keep coming back year after year.

It is our goal to help support the industry and make sure we are constantly learning, growing, and evolving your business and community, which is why we are adding more options to serve you where you are now.

We are the place where you come to learn about what is going on with the industry outside of your local community as we connect you with others, like you or unlike you, to have conversations that ignite the future of work.

We are the game changers and change makers – but you have to be in the room! We’re not recording the content because we feel it’s so important to connect in person post pandemic.

We’re offering early bird tickets for a limited time and limited quantity. Get them while you can!

With that being said (albeit a bit long winded), we are excited to see you all in the windy city

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