GCUC USA – Seattle Event Update

By Stormy McBride On March 9, 2020 In GCUC USA

GCUC USA Seattle Photo

In an effort to protect the health and wellness of our community and the world at large, we have made the tough decision and decided the best course of action for GCUC Seattle is to postpone the event until July given the coronavirus epidemic.

As of last Monday, King County declared a state of emergency following the deaths of six residents. In addition, Seattle is currently considered ground zero for the outbreak and we feel that we would see a dramatic decline in attendees if we were to push forward. We will stay in Seattle and at the same venue. This is an unprecedented situation we find ourselves in and we greatly appreciate your support.

We understand that this also puts you in a challenging situation as well and we feel your pain. We will be looking into hosting a smaller online event during the original GCUC dates for all current ticket holders. This is not a replacement to GCUC but rather a bonus for you. All physical tickets will be transferred to the new dates in July.

As always, our decisions are made with the community’s best in mind. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Liz and Stormy