March 6, 2018

7 Coworking Game Changers Reinventing the Future of Work

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GCUC is happening in NYC this April and we always like to point out a few of our friends that you should make a point to meet…

  1. Grant Horsfield – Grant is doing all the things. Hospitality, Coworking, Co-living, Health, Wellness, Technology and more. Buckle your seatbelt he is about to school you.
  2. Ashley Proctor – When she isn’t promoting a nation health plan called Co-Hip (created and inspired by her own harrowing tale after devastating injuries left her a homeless artist), she is building the most innovative, exciting and largest space in Canada. There is a reason she is asked to speak all over the world, it’s because she speaks from the heart.
  3. Jesse Miller – He is always doing more than one thing. A serial entrepreneur that also has his finger on the pulse of the future. He likes to blend in and observe, seek him.
  4. Shlomo Silber – The swagger is earned and rarely seen in man this young. This Dad of four boys is quietly building a beautifully designed coworking brand that has plans across America. Don’t let his easy smile fool you he is a baller.
  5. Angel Meakins Kwiatkowski – She won’t play by the rules and she’s coming in hot to school you on the misconceptions around coworking.
  6. Laura Shook – She is one of the co-founders of Women Who Cowork and the OG of the Austin Coworking scene. She is a psychotherapist and one to watch. Did we mention she was the first woman owned coworking space in Texas?
  7. Bill Jacobson – Lots of people have raised money and expanded their brands. Bill has the first WELL certified coworking space in the world. Bill has corporate partnership with Staples. Bill have formed a unique collective system in Boston. Bill is an original that continues to innovate and thrive.

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