10 Reasons You Want GCUC in Your Town

By Liz Elam On August 7, 2015 In ConferenceGCUC USA 2016

GCUC USA 2015 Was Held in Berkeley, CA
  1. How about $700,000?
    In 2016, GCUC USA will have an estimated 400 attendees that will inject over $700,00 into your city’s economy. Booking accommodations, eating, drinking and Ubering all over the place!
  1. Attracts people from around the world.
    Coworkers travel from all around the world to come to our conference, creating a unique diversity of visitors in your city.
  1. Attract more coworking operators to your city.
    Astound us with your awesome city and maybe we’ll expand there or move our operations… you never know. We’re a crazy lot.
  1. Great opportunity to make connections with hundreds of other like-minded people.
    Not only will this conference attract hundreds of people to come to your city, it will attract the right kind of people! People that work in a coworking office are extremely ambitious and self-motivated, and would be an excellent addition to the population of visitors in your town.
  1. Teaches new business ideas for coworking spaces.
    Whether you have years of experience in coworking or have just now learned about it, Camp GCUC will show you the ins and outs of working in a shared space! This camp is an all day experience to become educated about coworking, or to share ideas with other coworkers.

    GCUC 2015 Photo from Berkeley, CA
    Bring GCUC to Your City for 2016

  1. Showcase your town as a Global leader in the coworking movement.
    Toronto, Sydney, and Sao Paulo, Brazil are all places that have hosted or are planning on hosting GCUC. Put your city on the map in 2016!
  1. Show off your city.
    The conference is a prime way to show off local attractions and places unique to your city, and will encourage repeat visits to the city by conference attendees.
  1. The Unconference allows anyone to be a speaker!
    Want to share your ideas about coworking? Feel free! The unconference makes it simple for hundreds of people to collaborate on other people’s concepts and designs of shared spaces.
  1. Highlight the coworking spaces in your city.
    If you have coworking offices already in your city, that should give you all the more reason to bring the conference to you! The hundreds of coworkers in town for the conference will all be interested in tours, and will attract copious amounts of advertising and business to these offices.
  1. Make your city the “Juiciest” place around!
    If you are looking for an exciting occasion to add some “juice” to your life, GCUC is the perfect event to bring to your city! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet new people, learn more about coworking, and stimulate the economy of your city!

    Evening Event in Berkeley, CA at GCUC 2015
    Premier Event for the Coworking Industry – Host GCUC 2016 in Your City!

 Interested? If you think you’re juicy enough we would love to hear from you!  Download the RFP here!